Aims for the course

Reasons for studying printmaking
I have a very limited experience of printmaking. I remember producing a linocut of a snowman at Sunday school when I was about 6 years old and loved the experience but after then didn’t have any real exposure to it. However I started playing with monoprinting in the Painting 1 course and really loved it, my last tutor said she saw some potential in these works so I have pursued this technique a few times. I really feel that the printmaking process has a lot to offer and I can build a different set of skills through learning this art form, which I can transfer back into my drawing and painting practice.
Specific aims
The assessor feedback from Painting 1 have given me some direction here. Alongside the course aims outlined, I personally want to focus on their feedback and try to relate it to the printmaking course:
There is a strong thread running though your submission which is supported by some very pertinent research which you have assimilated well into your practice. As you move forward continue to challenge yourself in terms of the methods that you use and how these relate to the atmosphere and content in the work. Working directly with paint is helping you so exploit this even more.
Continue your thorough research and develop further the symbiotic relationship between it and your practice which has proved very productive.
I will ask my tutor advice on specifically how I can do this going forward.
Concerns for the course
Due to poor health, limited energy levels and a ten month deadline for this course time will be an issue for me. The main thing is I need to be organised and realistic with what I can do.
One issue I have is perfectionism which can be a huge source of anxiety and pressure for me. This is an area that I personally need to work on to ensure that I can work regularly and consistently rather than pushing myself too hard for a short period of time then crashing as a result. I think if I can build my confidence up quickly at the start of the course then that should help me relax into the process rather than worrying about achieving the ‘perfect’ end result. I need to remind myself that these level 1 courses are more about learning, experimentation and exploration than they are about the final pieces.


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