Painted monoprint from life: Watercolour

I was staying at Mum’s and was looking for a source to draw and print. She had some colourful flowers that I thought would be a useful starting point. I decided to produce this first still life print in watercolour.

• Firstly I produced some quick drawing in sketchbook – trying to focus on composition. Design is such an important part of the process and is an area that I am weak on.
• I traced the larger drawing and used that as a guide underneath my mylar plate. Then followed the process: use fairy liquid as a base, let that dry; apply watercolours; let them dry; print onto soaked hp w/c paper.
• This technique produced some interesting textures and again I was surprised by the strength of the colours.watercolour
• The final print was not really successful though – it was a bit flat. Perhaps if I had paid closer attention to shadows that would have helped. Also the subject matter and colour are a bit twee and not really me. But a useful first attempt.


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