Painted monoprint from life: Watersoluble crayons and inks

Caran D’ache neocolor ii

I wanted to draw something from life using these sticks and see if they printed successfully.

A student-led facebook sketch club that I belong to had a topic of reflections to use as a starting point so I chose a glass of water. I knew it would be hard but thought I won’t improve unless I practice. After some quick sketches in my sketchbook I produced a drawing using a indigo blue w/s crayon on mylar plate. After soaking a sheet of HP w/c paper in water I printed. I should have perhaps blotted the paper more thoroughly because the paint did run a little.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThis provided a reasonable result and is a very quick and easy way of printing drawings that I will come back to in the future. Perhaps I could use this method as a starting point and then overprint with other types of ink to create a varied layering effect.

Watersoluble inks on Gelli Plate

I masked off part of my round gelli plate using a paper-frame for these prints. I just wanted to play with the materials so didn’t consider too much what I painted.Firstly I continued with the glass theme.

Next I just looked for simple, humble objects that were in the house: waste paper bin, bowl and spoon, and toilet roll. They are not the accurate of drawings but I do like the effect of the ink on the plate.

Using a gelatin plate seems to be a good way of using watersoluble paints and inks and I am frustrated that I bought a round one instead of square – because of this it makes registering the plate, and frame and paper a logistical nightmare to build up layers.

I have read that you can make your own plate from household gelatin and glycerine. I need to look into costs but hopefully this is something I can do as this technique lends itself for easily and quickly building up layers of texture.


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