Further Monoprints from life using oils

Feeling I hadn’t quite got to grips with oil-based inks I wanted to have another go before moving on.

I wanted to improve my use of colour and also produce a better transfer.

After my initial experiments I received some useful advice from the OCA printmaking forum on facebook. The consensus was either to use thinner paper or to slightly dampen it and for burnishing use a range of tools. I also had written to the Caligo ink support and they gave me advice to mix extender with the ink for monotype work as it changed the ink to a slightly looser consistency, making it easier to apply with a brush.

For the first little experiment I chose to keep things simple, just using a single apple. I carefully burnished the paper using a roller, wooden spoon, heavy glass paperweight, and jam jar.

This resulted in a much better transfer and even the ghost came out quite well.

Next I went back to the brief in the handbook this time paying attention to the fact that I needed to use complimentary colours. I used the initial glasses with a piece of lemon for colour variation and then used a violet grey background for contrast. The result was much more successful than the first attempt. I realise that this process also frees up my brushwork and allows me to create a looser representation of the subject, which I think is a positive. I am starting to realise that colour is an important aspect to making a print work.

After these prints I decided I was ready to move on.


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