Making a Registration jig

I felt that I was beginning to get a handle on this process but registration was still an issue which was something I needed to address in order to create successful work in the next project.

I have been reading ahead and have acquired a copy of Susan Yeates’ book “Learning Linocut” from the local library. She talks about registration in terms of relief printing and gave a very useful method to assist with the process.

2015-12-16 10.32.56I used a piece of thick cardboard as the base. Next I drew around the paper size I was going to use (29x40cm) then in the middle of that I placed my A4 plate in the centre and again drew around this. A number of tabs were set against the plate to keep it in place and then tabs were put around the paper.

This seemed like a good idea and hopefully it will work and help me improve my registration in the next exercise.


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