Positive and Negative masks (Cockerel 2)

Further research and experiments in my sketchbook led to my interpretation of Picasso’s “Le Coq”.

Wanting to try out different colours I scanned the picture in and then manipulated the size and colours using the programs: Inkscape and Paintshop Pro on the PC. I decided I liked the red version best for the subject matter.

The plate was a small A5 piece of acetate and A4 paper and tried a few versions:

• Spotted ink applied to acetate stencil on black plate – result was not very successful but I liked the ghost which had created some accidental interesting textures on the surface.
• Painted Mylar and printed onto plain paper (Considered doing this after looking at the works of Jules Henri Lengrand) – I quite liked the result finding this was a useful way to get a painterly approach and yet keep clean edges.
• Produced positive and negative masked prints using red. These were OK but I found that I hadn’t cut the plate neatly which was visible on one of the prints.
• Then I tried the same on darker paper. The initial version was too dark as the ink was too transparent to counter that and increase the opacity of the paint I needed to mix white and yellow with the ink, which improved the result. This is another element that needs consideration – the transparency of the ink and how that will be affected by the paper / other printing below.


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