Project 4: Print 2: Madonna in Space

I have been exploring ideas in my small sketchbook for this particular print.

2015-11-05 10.06.15The initial impetus for the design was waking up and observing the shapes of the curtains in my bedroom, reminding me of a figure. I had recently watched a TV programme about Antony Gormley and this had a look of the Angel of the North. Other artworks that I was contemplating at the time were the Vetruvian Man, Edvard Munch’s Madonna and the drawings of Alberto Giacometti.

All of these references fed into a design in a circular format which I thought would work well using my circular Gelli plate.
The intention was to use a combination of textural elements alongside masks to create the print.

I considered it would be a challenge to register the circular plate and the masks and used a very basic method of drawing the image out and placing that underneath the plate so that I could match the masks appropriately, this actually worked quite well as with using the gelli plate the mask stuck easily into position.

The strength of colour was a bit too much on the first version but the later efforts were better.

I was pleased with the overall design and the textural affects produced. The bands of texture reminded me of the planet Jupiter and also considering the reference to Gormley’s figures in space and Munch’s Madonna, I decided to title the print “Madonna in Space”

Looking at the work critically, perhaps the colours are too ‘pretty’ perhaps I would have achieved a stronger image if I had been braver with my colour choices. It is difficult because I do get drawn towards candy colours – perhaps if I had mixed them slightly with their complementary opposites so that they moved towards grey, then they would have been more successful.


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