Project 4: Print 3: Landscape

I decided to work from photographs for this particular print. My photography is not the best, but it is something I want to work on. I took a few shots of a nearby Iron Age Hill Fort, Eggarden Hill.

From these I chose to sketch a few thumbnails in my sketchbook to try and decide on my preferred view.

In terms of landscape art I prefer those works that convey a sense of atmosphere. In the painting course I came across the watercolours of Emil Nolde, which were expressive and dramatic in the colours employed. I wanted to find some monotype artists who conveyed this expressive quality in their works and came across Barbara Rae and Howard Jeffs who I looked at in some detail in my sketchbook.

From their influences I worked my own composition. I could see that simplicity was the key to a reasonable print in this medium and decided to use basic masks of torn strips of paper as a basis for the work, incorporating textural elements throughout.

2015-12-01 12.00.31I had issues with registering the gelatin plate in the past, so decided to make a jig using cardboard, which worked successfully.

I worked quite intuitively going from main print to ghost and adding layers over the top. For the first I decided to add a painted element of grasses in the foreground but this looked too clumsy and awkward, so I left it simple.

When I was printing the ghost image I deliberately offset the mask in places and I like the effect. It has produced a shimmering, unreal effect which has conveyed a sense of atmosphere that I think is successful.

I was reasonably pleased with the result, but perhaps they are a bit too simple, and would have benefited from another element. Unfortunately I am running out of time and need to push on with the final print so need to leave it there for now. Perhaps in the future I could revisit something similar and overprint with linocut to produce interesting effects.


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