Further test linocuts

I borrowed Susan Yeate’s book “Learning Linocut” (see bibliography) from the library to aid with my understanding of the medium, as I am a complete beginner. I have found the book to be fantastic in providing additional technical details that the course materials do not provide.

As a beginner exercise she recommended using one motif on a number of small pieces of lino in different ways: white outline; black outline and basic shape.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREUsing a simple dragonfly motif for this and I produced some very quick blocks.

I firstly printed 3 blocks using black watersoluble ink.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThen produced a repeat patchwork pattern using 2 of the blocks with white oil-based ink on black paper. For the first 3 blocks I had quite a steady hand and was able to match the edges up for the fourth this was a little out of alignment.

This was just a little exercise to practise carving on lino and using different techniques. The results were not particularly successful but I feel that from this little exercise I have learned a lot and am starting to understand how the relief process works.


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