Bibliography: Part Two

I found the local library to be a fantastic resource for books regarding techniques which I plundered throughout this part of the course. As I am not in a position to attend any workshops these resources have been essential for my learning.

Further to feedback from my tutor in part one I have researched the proper way to reference materials and referred to the UCA’s guide for clarification.


Chesterman, M & Nelson, R. (2015) Making Woodblock Prints.
Marlborough. Crowood Press.

D’Arcy Hughes, A & Vernon-Morris, H. (2008) Printmaking: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques. Hove. Rotovision.

Diehn, G. (2002) Simple Printmaking. New York. Lark Books.

Desmet, A. & Anderson, J. (2000) Handmade Prints. London. A & C Black.

Fahr-Becker, G. (2007) Japanese Prints. Koln. Taschen.

Fishpool, M. (2009) Hybrid Prints. London. A & C Black.

Griffiths, A. (1996) Prints and Printmaking. Second edition. London. British Museum Press.

Martin, J. (1993) The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques. London. Quarto Publishing.

Roberts, I. (2008) Mastering Composition. Cincinnatti. North Light Books.
Salter, R. (2001) Japanese Woodblock Printing. London. A & C Black.

Stobart, J. (2005) printmaking For Beginners. Second edition. London. A & C Black.

Walklin, C. (1991) Relief Printmaking. Marlborough. Crowood Press.

Westley, A. (2001) Relief Printmaking. London. A & C Black.

Williams, R. (2008) The Non-Designer’s Design Book. 3rd edition. Berkeley. Peachpit Press.

Yeates, S. (2011) Learning Linocut. Sandy, Bedfordshire. Authors Online ltd.


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