Demonstration against assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills


  • Good understanding of colour theory
  • Design and composition skills improving
  • Reasonable observational skills when I am disciplined and take the time to look carefully and draw from life.


  • Portraits still need some work, I plan to produce a self portrait in the next part of the course and really focus on improving these skills.
  • It takes me a long time to produce a pleasing design – hopefully this will speed up with practice.
  • Still getting to grips with printmaking techniques – how much ink to use; pressure; registration etc. although I am pleased with my progress so far considering I was a complete beginner.

Quality of Outcome


  • I think content and presenting work in a coherent manner have improved from part one to part two, as I have become more focused.
  • I hope that my ideas are being communicated clearly but I need to wait for feedback before I know.


  • Discernment is a struggle – especially as printmaking is a new medium for me, find it hard to know what is ‘good’ work especially as if you look at German expressionists work they tend not to be printed perfectly and the communication of feeling seems to be more important. This is something I would like guidance on from my tutor.

Demonstration of Creativity


  • Through my studies at level one I have had feedback that my voice is starting to develop. I have a tendency to keep returning to the same sorts of subjects: those that are fragile and falling apart, affected by the process of time. The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi interests me and I feel this is the personal direction I need to continue to take in order to refine my work.
  • I do have an eagerness to experiment and try new things, but I am not sure that this has been reflected in this part of the course


  • There are a number of risks that occurred to me – that I do not know whether I am allowed to take, for example expanding the boundaries of printmaking by using frottage or collage. I will seek guidance from my tutor on these points.



  • I feel that I am visually aware and constantly spend time on the internet and have visited a number of exhibitions to look at other artists’ works.


  • My issue is with time – I am finding it a struggle to present evidence of all of the work that I have looked at, and so am just prioritizing a few artist models.
  • I am trying to integrate the contextual research into my own work, and so far have produced studies of works in my sketchbook. I would like to know how else I could take this further and will ask my tutor for guidance on this.



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