Demonstration against assessment criteria

Technical skills


  • Building confidence with a range of materials and processes.
  • Continuing to improve skills with digital software
  • Portraits are getting better.
  • Colour continues to be strength.


  • Composition – still hit and miss – the boat print is not good in terms of design. I need to spend more time on the sketching process if I want the better results.

Quality of Outcome


  • The recommendation from my tutor to focus my attention on theory has really helped with this area. I feel my work is starting to become more coherent as I am beginning to understand what I am trying to communicate – particularly evident in the Nan
  • Using a limited palette for the whole of this part of the course has also led to a harmonious result.
  • Personally I feel that submitting all 9 prints shows discernment as I believe they are stronger as a complete set.


  • Again the boat is not as strong as the rest. The subject matter does fit, but I could have handled it more sensitively.



  • I always enjoy experimenting with new media and pushing against the confines.


  • From the contextual research I can see my voice is starting to develop, although I still need time to develop it more thoroughly with the medium of print.



  • I feel I have a good level of self awareness and am able to reflect on my own learning quite easily.
  • My tutor’s advice to focus on the critical theory has been invaluable. Reading through the information I can see there is a lot of cross-over with my English degree and it has been good to spend time refreshing myself over the key concepts.
  • This reading has helped me to focus and integrate the contextual research into my own practice much more ably.
  • I have spent a bit of time reading about the college’s preferred way of using the Harvard Referencing system and have improved this area, albeit it takes a very long time to do properly.


  • I found it to be a very different process – critising my own work rather than someone else’s as I found it hard to remain objective at times.
  • When conducting the literary review I found so much of the theory to be relevant and that I identify with: Psychoanalysis, Existentialism, Benjamin, Derrida (Deconstruction) and Japanese aesthetics all seemed to be valid. I did a lot of reading but only put a small amount of it into the finished statement of intent. In the end I chose to focus on Freud and Derrida and disregarded the rest, but I did put the information in my bibliography. I am unsure whether this was the correct thing to do and so will ask my tutor for clarification.

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