Questions for Tutor: Assignment 3

These are the questions that I asked my tutor relating to part 3 of the course:Specific assignment questions:

  1. For the first exercise – boat print I am including a failed print on black paper as I would like your opinion on it. I like the fact that it is misregistered – fitting with ideas around deconstruction, and wonder if I could exploit this in other works in the final part of the course. I would be grateful for your thoughts on this.
  1. I have chosen to submit 9 prints as one series for project 10 with a group title of ‘How can you be here…when you are not here?’

What do you think of this as a selection? When I get to assessment I would like to submit these on one piece of A1 card – what is the best way of presenting them?

General questions

  1. When conducting the literary review I found so much of the theory to be relevant and that I identify with: Psychoanalysis, Existentialism, Benjamin, Derrida (Deconstruction) and Japanese aesthetics all seemed to be valid. I did a lot of reading but only put a small amount of it into the finished statement of intent. In the end I chose to focus on Freud and Derrida and disregarded the rest, but I did put the information in my bibliography. Is this the right thing to do? Since finishing the reading I have also come across recent writing about hauntology, which seems to be fitting with my practice should I spend some time researching that too, and redo my statement?
  1. I have worked on my referencing. I was planning to include a bibliography for all of my images but I have run out of time, I will make sure I do this before assessment. It is all very time consuming to put them all in – is there an easy / quicker way – something I am missing?
  1. For the next part of the course I realise collagraph prints can only be printed intaglio through a press but I do not have access to one and due to my disability will not be able to travel to get to use one.

A friend has lent me her embossing machine which prints on paper a little smaller than A5 – would this be o.k. ? I wondered if I could work on panels again, as that would link to the ideas of deconstruction that I am interested in. I have seen some prints where people have used the same size block as paper and no border – I would like to do that because then I can get larger prints – with a border I will only manage A6 size. I will try some bigger plates but will only be able to print these relief.

Will this all be acceptable?

Any further tips about the collagraph process would be gratefully received.


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