Tutor feedback – Assignment 3

I was pleased with the comments received from my tutor for assignment 3, it is good to know that I am moving in the right direction. I have focused this post on areas where development is needed:

  • Find more of a narrative to link my subjects together.
  • Be careful when cropping off the top of a portrait
  • Ensure there is enough border around my prints
  • Be careful on colour choice – the green ink on the boat was a bit too bold when considered against the Nan Think about presenting work that all hangs together harmoniously.
  • The misaligned version is interesting and my tutor agreed that it was worth pursuing in future – something that I will do when I return to relief in assignment 5.
  • Also revisit the experimental mark-making test sheet to explore using text and to exploit the tendencies of the lino to crumble and crack when overheated.
  • When come to present the Nan series – mount together with window mounts.
  • No Need to redo statement of intent – just update as and when required.
  • Add images into bibliography and use separate headings for books, articles, websites etc.

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