Assignment 4: Gallery / overview of submitted work

Below is a summary of the work that I have submitted for assignment 4 with links to the relevant pages in my blog.

Statement of Intent (update) link

Evaluation against assessment criterialink

Part 4 Research link

Part 4 Bibliographylink

Part 4 sketchbooklink


This part of the course has been a bit of a struggle and time has run away with me once again, this is because I have never done any collagraph or intaglio printmaking before so needed extra time on the technical areas. Also the critical reading that I undertook was very dense and so took time to read, digest and understand. I could have done with longer but I do not have that luxury and so need to send my prints as they are. After feedback from my tutor I have decided to push my assessment back til next year so at least I will have time to rework pieces where necessary prior to that.

Project 11- Test Prints (link here)

After a few false starts I finally managed to get some acceptable results.

Project 12

‘Field’ poster (link here)

Fields Poster Print

I feel this is reflective of the overriding theme and the references to Peter Doig’s movie posters and Anselm Kiefer’s paintings can be seen. From these I have drawn a sense of atmosphere and foreboding that represents the plight of the yellowhammer.


‘Silence .is’ Artists Book (link here) BookConceptually I am really pleased with this set of prints, I believe it brings together many strands of my practice – links with poetry & text, representative of the theme of absence and presence and also relates to the critical ideas of ‘Hauntology’  – the yellowhammer’s past life but also ghosts of it’s lost futures; and also the ideas surrounding ‘Deep Ecology’ and the broader environmental issues therein.

Technically, however I ran out of time and did not have enough good quality printmaking paper to produce many editions, so this may need more work.

My intention is to bind it via the Japanese stab binding method when I have satisfactorily completed the prints.


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