Demonstration against Assessment Criteria (Assignment 4)

Demonstration of technical and visual skills


  •  The lack of experience with collagraph / intaglio printmaking methods meant that this part of the course was a steep learning curve. I needed to do lots of reading online, and in books taken from the library into the practical processes required. This all took time to produce acceptable results which was a difficulty considering the constraints I am under.
  • As I do not have a press I borrowed a friend’s embossing machine. This took time and practice to work out how much padding to use in order to create the necessary pressure.
  • There were many issues that could potentially affect the final result: pressure, right consistency of ink, using correct paper, dampened sufficiently – initially I found this very overwhelming and again took time to get reasonable results but did gradually improve.


  • I enjoyed the process of working from life initially. I produced some quite expressive sketches initially but unfortunately was not able to retain this quality through the printing process.
  • My design and composition skills are OK but the plates are all relatively simple in terms of the pictorial elements. I felt that it was better to produce simple plates initially as I am just learning; perhaps I will be able to produce more complex ones in the future.

Quality of Outcome

  • The overall theme and subject matter helps to give some coherency and a sense of narrative to the work.
  • I feel that continuing to use text into my work is working and is something that I plan to use – perhaps it is part of my ‘voice’ as an artist.
  • The final results are not as refined as I would have liked but hopefully that will come with practice.

Demonstration of Creativity

  • I feel the detailed research process (contextual and visual) at the start of this section of the course has fed into my practice in interesting ways which I think is reflective of me as an artist.
  • I enjoy experimenting with materials and processes and like to take risks. However, as this was such a new medium and my time was spent with learning how to do it I feel that there is more to be done here. Hopefully with time after the course has finished I will be able to build my confidence and come up with more imaginative outcomes.


  • I have enjoyed researching into the critical theory of hauntology and deep ecology. Derrida’s writing is very difficult to understand initially so took me many times of rereading before I could grasp his concepts. Hopefully I managed to articulate my learning in the statement of intent update at the beginning of this part of the course.
  • I feel that reflecting on my own performance is becoming second nature now and it is a useful discipline to get into.
  • The research into contemporary artists is becoming much more integrated into my working approach now which I have documented in my blog pages as I have been progressing through the projects.

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