Part 4: Bibliography

Below are the books and articles that I have read throughout this part of the course, plus the images that I have referenced.


Bodman, S (2005) Creating Artists’ Books. London. A&C Black.

Bonnell, M. & Mumberson, S. (2008) Printmaking On A Budget. London. A&C Black.

Coldwell, P. (2010) Printmaking: A contemporary Perspective.  London. Black Dog.

D’Arcy-Hughes, A & Vernon-Morris, H (2008) Printmaking: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques. Hove. RotoVision.

Dyson, A. (2009) Printmakers’ Secrets. London. A&C Black.

Grabowski, B. & Fick, B. (2009) Printmaking: A contemporary Guide to Materials and Processes.  London. Lawrence King.

Hartill, B & Clarke, R. (2005) Collagraphs and Mixed-media Printmaking. London. A&C Black.

 Martin, J (1993) The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques. London. Quarto

Newell, J. & Whittington, D. (2006) Monoprinting. London. A&C Black.

 Riley, S. (2011) Practical Mixed-media Printmakomg Techniques. London. A&C Black.

Saunders, G. & Miles, R. (2006) Prints Now: Directions and Definitions. London. V&A.

 Stobart, J. (2005) Printmaking for Beginners. London. A&C Black.

 Westley, A. (2001) Relief Printmaking. London. A&C Black.


Bryce, Sonia

Lover’s Rock

Buck, Kerry


Rooks Fly

Clough, Prunella

Primitive plant


Doig, Peter

Pan’s Labyrinth

Tokyo Story

Ennulat-Lustine, Emily

Behind The Veil

Are We Walking

Both At:

Fox, Alice

Finished Collar Piece Book 1

Finished Collar Piece Book 3 (Detail)

Fraser, Cameron



Glanville, Mike


Pimlico Chimney

Both at:

Gribbon, Lisa



Hartill, Brenda

Flotsam and Jetsam XI

Black and White embossed monoprint, unique. Image 38x50cm,

Jones, Katherine

The Wet and the Dry | 2014 | collagraph and block-print on paper | 86 x 72cm

Mary F’s Garden, 2006. Collagraph on Paper 30x30cm

Kentridge, William

Magic Flute doves

Untitled (9 Birds In Flight)

Kiefer, Anselm

Böhmen liegt am Meer, 1995, 190 x 559 cm, oil, acrylic, emulsion, shellac on burlap, Collection Frieder Burda, © Anselm Kiefer, 2011.

McGee, Jenny

Fragmented (plate 1 purple) 36x36cm

Aerial View 27x27cm

Murata, Takeshi

Video Slipcase: Night Moves

O’Donaghue, Hughie

Crow 1

Three studies for a crucifixion

Rice, Andrew

Roadblocked collage

What once was 3

Both At:

Sabour, Wael A

The Wall

Online Articles:

Derrida, J (1994) What is Ideology from Spectres of Marx [online] At: Accessed on 20th June 2016.

Drengson, A (s.d.) Some Thought on the Deep Ecology Movement [online] Accessed on 20th June 2016.

Gallix, A. (2011) Hauntology: A not-so-new critical manifestation [online] At: Accessed on 20th June 2016

Websites Accessed on 20th June 2016


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