Questions for Tutor: Assignment 4

Questions for Tutor

Specific Assignment

  • I would be really grateful for feedback on the intaglio printed booklet in particular as I have no experience of this at all and am in the dark as to what is good work.
  • I have included 4 extra prints that were printed on cartridge paper – because the paper was slightly drier there are different results – I quite like the atmosphere, possible reflecting the ghostly apparitions of the dead bird shape in them but they could be seen as patchy – I would value your thoughts on this.
  • I chose to use monochrome only for these prints as I felt it added more drama – do you agree with this choice?
  • Do you think the book idea is a good one? Or should I separate the prints out as a selection? My intention is to bind the book with the Japanese binding method – it would be a very thin pamphlet style book do you think this would be O.K.?
  • I quite liked the deckled edge of the paper so went with that – I am wondering whether that would look a bit messy as a book. What do you think – should I trim them instead?


  • Do you feel that I am at a standard where I can go in for assessment? I have taken your advice and have decided to push it back to March next year

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