Tutor Feedback: Assignment 4

Overall good- she was pleased with contextual reading and research. I do feel I am starting to find my feet with this. The critical theory learned during my English lit degree does really help as there is a lot of crossover between the two disciplines but there is still more to learn, especially as things have moved on since 1990s when I was at college.
Use of ephemeral items fits with theme of hauntology and simulcra. She recommended I revisit using a selection of feathers, which I intend to do.

Not clear why I chose the poster- to be honest neither am I. Upon reflection I think I was trying to reference protest posters as a way of justifying the use of text in my work but I agree it doesn’t necessarily fit the theme so well. My tutor has reassured me that I can use text in its own right within an artwork, something I am interested in pursuing.

4 prints on cartridge are seen as patchy. I sent these to her as a contrast to the others in the book- personally I quite liked the atmosphere from the patchiness, but I can now see that they look a bit weak as prints.

She liked my use of monotone but gave advice to be more confident with my choice of colour, something that I need to work on. I realise my issues lie in self doubt and lack of confidence. Going forward I feel I need to try a number of colour options out in my sketchbook then have the courage of my convictions to carry it out without second guessing myself all the time.

My tutor liked the artists’ book. She felt the decked edges and fragile nature of it suited the theme well. She recommended that I interleaf tissue the same size as each page throughout. I know I have sought more reassurances from her here and she gave good advice to ask myself the questions- how does this fit with my own theme? Keep thinking of techniques that connect and through doing this I will find my own answers. This is really useful feedback on how I can become more autonomous in my practice, something that I need to be able to be as I develop into level 2.

The complexities of Japanese stab binding were mentioned and the combination of fine tissue and thick printing paper would make it very difficult. She thought perhaps leaving the clip in place would be ok- I think I will do this because it fits with the ephemeral/ throw away theme anyway.

In regard to the book she also recommended I consider narrative more- thinking in terms of my previous research into Andy Warhol and Marilyn – the fading away. Something that I will look at.

Finally further advice to blend research with own practice as at the moment they are two very distinct separate entities- this should help everything flow together a lot better. This is something that was picked up on in feedback in the painting course. I really want to tackle this and get to grips with as I approach the end of this course. 

Suggested viewing

  • Mark Hearld- I had a look at his work earlier on in the course and can appreciate his images of the natural world.
  • WW1 postcards on display – West Yorkshire print workshop- I had a look at the website my tutor suggested and she was right- I have found this particularly inspirational and relevant. I keep being pulled back to ideas around the archive as well as the ephemeral and there are many links there that I would like to explore further in the remaining exercises. It has made me think about other items that are ephemeral and my mind is whirring with how I can bring this all together in my final pieces.

Final pointers:

Do not feel restricted by nature of assignment brief- push boundaries. – The above exhibition had given me some ideas on how I might do this.

Develop your theme further- a final push to identify your own voice.

Ensure that written theoretical research and notes about concept of brief connect together.

As an attempt to start thinking about the last point I put together this mind map as a starting point.


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