Project 13: Final Prints

Due to illness I have had a bit of a haitus from working. I am still not great healthwise so the physical printmaking process is a bit of a struggle and so my progress has had to slow down a lot which now means I am eating into my level 2 time. But it is the way it is and I can only focus on one exercise at a time.
The time away from printing has allowed me to look at the work with fresh eyes. I have decided that the brighter pop-inspired colours are not what I want to be using and I have gone back to the monochrome blues of earlier to print my final pieces. 

I had issues with the second design- my father as a boy- because the background looked a little odd- so I decided to remove a large area and just leave the rug as the lino part.

Initially I was working on delicate tissue paper but then had the idea to create ‘polaroids’ which fit in with the research into WW1 postcards and using ephemeral references- this seemed to fit, explaining the narrative well.

As a final thought I initially considered presenting the images together on a notice board to emphasise the throw away quality a fellow OCA student recommended using a page from a photo album- I decided to keep the torn edges in place to emphasise the theme.

What worked well?

I feel the three images hang together well as a series and do carry a sense of narrative, reflective of the hauntology theme.

I am pleased that I thought of creating Polaroids which does work with the concept. My friends idea of using the photo album sleeve is interesting. I need to consider whether to use it at assessment- I suppose there needs to be a balance between the throw away theme and the artwork being presented professionally. This is something I would like my tutor’s guidance on.

What didn’t work so well?

The image of Dad as a boy was difficult to get the background to work when printed as lino, so I decided to cut that away and leave only the rug area showing. This meant the first two images were mainly monotype and only subtle areas of lino – possibly not entirely in line with the requirements of the brief, but taking my tutor’s comments on board about pushing the boundaries I hope that this is ok.

Using the thicker photographic paper made it difficult to get a thick even print for the third image, so instead I blended the ink with a cotton bud. Actually I feel this has worked quite well and created an interesting atmosphere that again is in keeping with the theme.

There are some imperfections around the edges of the print- which is probably to do with the more haphazard nature of the monoprint process. I was able to use the embossing machine for the monotype element which allowed the brush marks and textures to show. This could be seen as an issue but I rather like that and feel it is in keeping with my intentions.

I chose to write place names and dates on the bottom of the “photos” to add to the throw away quality- I am not sure I made the right decision. Does it cheapen the overall effect and look a bit amateur? This is something I need to think about. Again it is about getting the balance right between my concept and producing professionally presented work. 


For the next set of works I want to continue with the use of found images. I would like to continue using monochromatic palettes but using different hues. Chine colle could work really well in regard to the connections with ephemera.


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