Project 14: Design Ideas & initial chine colle experiments

I chose to carry on with the design of the little girl which I had considered in project 13. After producing a proof study linocut I photographed the image and then played with various ideas using apps on my iPhone. I have recently upgraded my phone meaning I now have larger storage facility, so this has been a useful tool. The good thing about using this software is the speed and ease of putting layers together- which replicates the printmaking process.
In relation to the ephemeral theme I considered using lined paper; paper from a music catalogue, and sweet wrappers.

I also did some research into collage artists and printmakers who have included chine colle in their works here which was very useful. I will continue referring back to the relevant artists as I create the prints.

Also the inclusion of literature seems to be of importance. I have been looking at the poetry of Emily Dickenson who wrote quite candidly about her own emotional landscape within her work. I feel a connection to her writing, a feeling that I am trying to express similar sentiments through the visual arts.

On a practical level I had a play with different ways of applying glue as seen in my workbook below. I can see that chine colle will be a tricky process without the use of a press- I can’t burnish the paper too fiercely as it creates holes in the wet paper and also crinkles. I also have found tissue paper to be very difficult to handle as it disintegrated very quickly with the wet paste.

Initial attempts were problematic. I discovered a method of using methyl cellulose and covering a plastic sheet with the paste, allowing that to dry then another layer of paste with the chine colle material placed on top. Once dry this gave the tissue a glue side similar to a postage stamp. To glue, I placed on the plate and spritzed with water. I found that it was easier to use a flat sheet of Perspex to do the gluing before printing as the indentations of the lino block caused issues.

To use sweet wrappers I collages them in place first then chine colle a sheet of tissue and printed over the top.  This worked quite well but I managed to burnish a hole in the wet paper.

For the digital tissue, I attached tissue to a sheet of copier paper and printed in my normal printer. I played with hand drawn elements over the top to reference Victorian prints- I found it a bit too illustrative and not what I am trying to portray.
My final print for the day was over a sheet of paper from a book- which I chine colled in place and printed over. I was pleased with this final version, it fits with the ephemeral theme and the words underneath- sings by Eva Cassidy seem relevant and poignant.

Next steps I plan to revisit this linocut as a series but take it further- using different colours, transparent layers and different shaped chine colle.


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