Collaboration: Edge-zine & OCA Drawing project

I have been involved in two collaborative projects recently.

A fellow OCA student, Angela Johnson had the brilliant idea to produce a college fanzine. The first issue’s theme was ‘Absence’, which was a perfect fit for me. I decided to produce a digital collage using photographs of the prints produced during part three of the course.

I wrote a short article based on the research and reading I have been doing on this course. My copy is below.


I found the process of combining my images with accompanying writing to be very enjoyable. I have also contributed to the second issue. The theme is ‘Change’ and will be out and available from the website soon.

Earlier in the year, I produced 3 square drawings as part of a group OCA project. I wrote about it on this blog in March.

The results of the group images are below. The first image is Dorethea Lange’s “Migrant Mother”. The second is Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”. These pieces work well as a whole, with a variety of media and styles creating interest. I feel it is really successful and I am pleased that I got involved.

Joanne Mulvihull-Allen, Course Support Advisor at OCA, has organised for these to be exhibited, which she is currently putting together.


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