OCA Collaborative drawing project

I put my name down to participate in a collaborative drawing project with the OCA earlier this year. The brief was to copy 3 images into smallish squares 10x10cm in whichever drawing medium you choose, but with the proviso of sticking to monochrome.

Here are my efforts:

I actually enjoyed the process of gridding up the photo and copying it. At first I struggled with the patience required for the activity but the process soon became very meditative. I found it difficult to pay attention to detail, particularly when working at this small scale, as my drawing style tends to be much looser and gestural but it was an interesting experience. The fact that I did not know what I was drawing made me pay close attention to looking at the lines, shapes, tones, patterns etc. rather than making assumptions at what I was drawing which was a very useful process.

The final results from all students’ contributions will be communicated out in the next month or so when everyone has had time to complete them. I look forward to finding out what I was actually drawing.